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Spinto — A Web Interfaces for VCS Backed Websites

Not long ago I asked a question about whether or not it made sense for a VCS backed static site to have a lite web admin interface. It seems as though someone has already worked on this — Spinto is a WYSIWYG web interface for Jekyll backed websites. I haven't checked out Spinto yet but I …

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RSS Apps Mailing List →

This morning, I decided it was time. There's too much of a backlog of new stuff to talk about and evangelize. — Dave Winer announcing the start of the RSS Apps mailing list You can find it here. Super excited about this. Hoping for some interesting discussion and some cool ideas …

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Someone Save Us From REST →

How in the hell did Rails make it this far without properly implementing PATCH? — Rob Conery clearly doesn't understand REST How can something seemingly so specific be so widely interpreted by so many people? Love this opinion piece. …

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Relative Writing →

What I'm hoping is that we can develop good ways of connecting writing, on a consensual basis. I'd like to team up with people whose writing complements mine. — Dave Winer on consensually connected writing I dig Dave Winer. I'm not sure at what point I started following his …

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Does it make sense for a VCS based static site generator to have a lite web administration interface?

Would it defeat the purpose of a VCS based static site generator to build a web API to add and edit posts? (think: bookmarklet publishing)

This is a question I have been asking myself for awhile. As much as I like the idea of a static site generator, having a nice bookmarklet to publish quotes and found content makes blogging about such things so much nicer.

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An Update On Composer →

This weekend we have been busy hacking on Composer in our office together with Nils Adermann and Volker Dusch. We wanted to push the project forward a bit faster than the odd free evenings usually allow, and I would now like to introduce …

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Tags: composer, php, nelmio

Something New

The fight is over. Neither Jekyll nor Octopress were victorious. I've landed on something entirely different to power It is named Sculpin. Sculpin is my creation. I've been working on it since the end of 2011 and am very excited to have been able to convert my Octopress site over to the new system. It still has …

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Tags: sculpin, octopress, jekyll

Rails: RVM + Passenger (Standalone behind nginx) + Upstart on Ubuntu 10.04

After testing the excellent Pivotal Lab's Continuous Integration Monitor we decided to use it long-term. This meant we needed to find a way to run the software on boot (Upstart) under its own environment (RVM) and get nginx to reverse proxy the site. This turned out to be a little more difficult than I had hoped but in the end it all was all good.

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Tags: ubuntu, upstart, nginx, passenger, rvm, rails


Time to start blogging about code again. I have some older content that will stay on Posterous for the foreseeable future. …

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