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Symfony Live 2013 Portland: Embedded Composer

For the last few weeks I've been polishing Embedded Composer for my talk at Symfony Live 2013 in Portland.

Embedded Composer started its life as a part of Sculpin but was extracted so that other people could potentially use it. I'm hoping that Embedded Composer will help more people get interested in the idea of embedding Composer into their applications.

I'm super excited to have an opportunity to share this work with more people. I had a blast at Symfony Live 2012 in San Francisco. I'm hoping I can continue to attend these in the future.

I also took this opportunity to launch a new landing page for myself. is now live and showcasing this talk. :)

I'd love to get feedback on the talk. :) If you saw it in person, please rate my talk and provide some feedback. Otherwise, please send me a Tweet!

Composer is a wonderful way to manage a project. But what happens when you need your application to be extensible at runtime? Enter Embedded Composer. Embedding Composer will ensure that the dependencies already included by your application are taken into account when adding additional dependencies at runtime. While this can be very useful for any application that may be installed globally it is critical for any application that may be distributed as a phar.