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A Pimple Console Service Provider

What started out as an RFC for adding a Console Service Provider to Silex resulted in a few fun personal discoveries.

First, Pimple is useful beyond just Silex. I came to understand that most of the "Silex" code I have been writing has really been generic service providers. There really was nothing tying them to Silex in any way other than the fact I was using them in a Silex application.

Second, Cilex at its core was essentially identical to my Silex Console Service Provider RFC.

$this['console'] = $this->share(
    function () use ($name, $version) {
        return new Console\Application($name, $version);

I saw this as an opportunity to try and bridge the Silex and Cilex communities rather than trying to make something specific for Silex. I also saw it as an opportunity to explore the notion of generic Pimple service providers and how they could work right now even without the benefit of native Pimple Service Providers. The more I thought about it the more I liked how nicely these goals played into each other.

I contacted the Cilex team to see whether or not they would be interested in working with me to integrate a standalone generic Pimple console service provider into Cilex and whether or not they'd be interested in distributing the standalone service provider under the Cilex banner.

The end result is the newly launched cilex/console-service-provider.

What this means is that the heart of Cilex can be a part of any Pimple based application. Developers can now write service providers that can provide commands in addition to other services by extending the console service:

class MyServiceProvider
    public function register($c)
        if (isset($app['console'])) {
            $app['console'] = $app->share($app->extend('console', function($console, $c) {
                $console->addCommand(new MyReusableCommand);

                return $console;

Since native Pimple Service Providers do not exist yet there is currently no standard way to register generic service providers to a vanilla Pimple instance. It is pretty easy to do this manually, though:

use Cilex\Provider\Console\BaseConsoleServiceProvider;

$app = new Pimple;

$app[''] = 'MyApp';
$app['console.version'] = '1.0.5';

$consoleServiceProvider = new BaseConsoleServiceProvider;

// Register other service providers, some of which may now
// provide commands!


An adapter is provided to allow the Console Service Provider to be registered with a Silex application using Silex's own registration method:

use Cilex\Provider\Console\Adapter\Silex\ConsoleServiceProvider;
use Silex\Application;

$app = new Application;

$app->register(new ConsoleServiceProvider(array(
    '' => 'MyApp',
    'console.version' => '1.0.5',

// Register other service providers, some of which may now
// provide commands!


For Cilex nothing fancy is needed as the Console Service Provider is baked in:

use Cilex\Application;

$app = new Application('MyApp', '1.0.5');

// Register other service providers, some of which may now
// provide commands!


The only dependencies for the Console Service Provider are Pimple itself and Symfony Console. This should lower the barrier to entry for someone who might otherwise not want to require the entire Cilex stack into their project.

It is my hope that Pimple Service Providers become a reality in the very near future. Hopefully this will result in people writing cross application code as they will have the option to write Pimple Service Providers instead of Silex or Cilex specific Service Providers.

Thanks to @mvriel and the Cilex team for agreeing to work together on this!