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An Update on Sculpin

Although my workday has been filled with Python and Django, my early mornings and late nights have been filled with working on several personal PHP projects. One of the projects that has finally been getting some love again is Sculpin, my PHP static site generator.

Sculpin is a PHP static site generator built around Symfony's HTTP Kernel. Since Thanksgiving I have been putting a lot of work in on it again and I am starting to feel really good about it.

It is still unstable but it has all of the features I would consider critical for a static site generator. Specifically, Sculpin now has support for generators. Generators made it possible to provide support for Pagination and Post tags. Both of these features are now in use on this site.

Other cool Sculpin related things have happened in the last few weeks as well. Sculpin now has an embedded web server thanks to the React project and Sculpin has its first Skeleton on Packagist. This means that if someone wants to try Sculpin out they can do so in 3-4 commands.

Interested in trying out Sculpin? Check out the documentation on the Sculpin site or read the README from the Sculpin Blog Skeleton repository to see how to bootstrap a Sculpin blog in under five minutes!