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Using the Symfony2 full-stack framework was a great decision

I have been following the Symfony2 camp for almost a year now. I finally had the opportunity to start a new project with the full-stack framework.

Most things looked good on paper but the cost of trying something new had been too high to justify making the leap for any projects that have come up over the last year. That changed earlier this month.

So far I am quite pleased. The integration with Doctrine ORM is great and the Symfony2 Service Container has been surprisingly pleasant to work with.

If I have any complaints it would be what I knew would be issues for me going in; bundles. The heavy focus on reuse by way of standardization to the namespace level was something I disliked from my first glance at Symfony2.

I hope to get a much better understanding of bundles and their intricacies sooner rather than later. Ideally I would like to be able to get my code placed wherever I want and just use bundles to integrate between domain logic and the Symfony2 integration. For now I have just been doing everything in a bundle.

In addition to the code itself, the extended Symfony2 community is pretty impressive. Some very cool people and some very cool projects. I am super excited to be able to try and get involved in some of these projects.