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Doctrine DBAL query logging with Monolog in Silex

I recently had an opportunity to try out Silex for a small project. I'm enjoying it so far, which is a good sign that I'll enjoy working with Symfony as Silex is heavily based on Symfony Components. One thing that I found to be missing out of the box was a way to log Doctrine DBAL queries.

This is especially noticeable when something bad happens and all you have to go on is a vague error like:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near " ": syntax error

Yay for not having a lot to go on, right? Thankfully it turned out to be pretty easy to enable query logging. With a little guidance from @igorw I was able to:

  • Configure Doctrine DBAL to use a DebugStack logger
  • Tie into Monolog via the built in Monolog Producer (my application was already using Monolog)
  • Write after and error event handlers to consume the logged queries

Here is the full solution:

if ( $app['debug'] ) {
    $logger = new Doctrine\DBAL\Logging\DebugStack();
    $app->error(function(\Exception $e, $code) use ($app, $logger) {
        if ( $e instanceof PDOException and count($logger->queries) ) {
            // We want to log the query as an ERROR for PDO exceptions!
            $query = array_pop($logger->queries);
            $app['monolog']->err($query['sql'], array(
                'params' => $query['params'],
                'types' => $query['types']
    $app->after(function(Request $request, Response $response) use ($app, $logger) {
        // Log all queries as DEBUG.
        foreach ( $logger->queries as $query ) {
            $app['monolog']->debug($query['sql'], array(
                'params' => $query['params'],
                'types' => $query['types']

This can be added at any point after the Doctrine Provider has been registered.

A potential enhancement to this solution would be adding another configuration option to the application to disable the after event as there is no point in filling up the development.log with queries when things are working as expected.

Tags: silex, symfony, doctrine-dbal, monolog

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