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Beau Simensen

Beau Simensen (@beausimensen, has been a professional polyglot programmer since 1998. He owns dflydev (, a consulting company, and is co-host of That Podcast (@thatpodcast,

An active open-sourcer, Beau created Sculpin ( and helped create Stack PHP ( He is also the Sculpin representative to the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG).

Beau is a proponent of framework agnostic code. Unglue all the things!

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Social Media

You can find me on Twitter as @beausimensen. You can find me on Facebook as simensen.


I idle in several IRC channels on Look for simensen in #silex-php, #symfony, #symfony-dev, #composer-dev, #sculpin, #thatpodcast, or #dflydev.

Notable Software Projects