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MidCamp 2015

Last week I drove down to Chicago with Bec and Luke so that they could have fun in Chicago for a day while I attended MidCamp 2015. The theme this year was Alice and Wonderland so it had a nickname this year: MadCamp. I'm not what you would call a …

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Midwest PHP 2015 Recap

This weekend I attended my second Midwest PHP conference. I was excited to be asked to speak again this year! With the exception of Madison PHP conference, this is the first conference that I've been asked to speak at more than once1! My family is fortunate enough to have the privilege …

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PSR-7 is up for a vote

After just short of three years, PHP-FIG has finally put an HTTP related PSR up for vote. Many thanks to everyone who has put so much work into this PSR! Member projects, review the proposal (and associated meta) and cast your vote! …

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PSR-7 and the future of PHP

At long last PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface (meta) is finally up for review! I've been tracking this since Benjamin Eberlei sent his first pull request for what he considered at the time a proposal for a HTTP client close to three years ago. This one has been a long …

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Looking back on PHPBenlux 2015

There are few conferences that I hear past attendees rave about more than PHPBenelux. Because of this, I had my expectations set very high when I was invited to speak at PHPBenelux 2015. I was informed that I would be picked up at the airport by Thijs Feryn which made me …

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The Wisdom of the ElePHPant Project

The Wisdom of the ElePHPant project is officially live! I'll be bringing a few to each of Midwest PHP and php[tek] later this year. Mine will be sporting a variety of #ossart, That Podcast, and Sculpin customizations. At the end of last year I was invited to help out with a …

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So 2014 happened.

Well, that went about as well as can be expected. One whole post in 2014. Awesome. This year is already off to a better start. Mostly because I've been blogging in a few other places. I've started putting posts together for Sculpin, #ossart, and I've decided to give Source Maven some …

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Say Hello to That Podcast

Wow, we are well into 2014 and I haven't posted since last July? Ugh. Well, a lot has happened since then. A lot. I should get to documenting that at some point but for now I wanted to share something new! Last week as php[tek] came to an end my friend …

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I'm a huge fan of PHP-FIG. I take part where I think I can make a constructive contribution and I try to tune in to as many of the discussions as my time allows. So when I saw Larry's poll about the Focus of FIG I was happy to have the opportunity to …

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Writing Silex Service Providers

So you've gotten to the point in your Silex application that you want to start breaking it out into modular pieces. Silex service providers to the rescue! The service provider interface appears to be really simple but do you know which things can safely be done in each method? First, a high level overly …

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Default Configuration Parameters for Pimple Service Providers

A common requirement when writing service providers for Pimple based projects is to provide default values for some or all of the configuration parameters. Unfortunately, this is not as straightforward as it sounds. Update: And just like that, the whole premise of this blog post became moot. Thanks Igor! On one hand it is nice …

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Depot — A PHP Implementation of the Tent protocol

I have been interested in decentralized social networks for awhile now. It wasn't until recently that I found a project I could really get behind. That project is Tent. After idling on for several months and watching in envy as the likes of @beberlei showed off projects like Zelten I finally decided to throw …

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Django Advanced Model Choice Field

Django's ModelChoiceField only allows for a string label for each individual choice. While it can be customized to allow for a user to change what that string should look like it is still limited to being just a string. In my project I wanted to have the choices built out in a more …

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